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Identifying and Treating Patients with Varicose Veins

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As you may know, more than 25 million people in the United States suffer from symptomatic varicose veins, resulting in more than 2 million workdays being lost each year. It is estimated that 70-75% of varicose vein patients also suffer from underlying saphenous vein reflux, otherwise known as Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI).

Many of these patients present to their physician complaining of “minor” symptoms such as varicose veins. Unfortunately, many physicians consider varicose veins to be only a cosmetic condition, prescribing conservative therapy such as compression stockings or watchful waiting. The resulting diagnosis and treatment often fail to address two key facts:

  1. These symptoms are often a result of underlying saphenous vein reflux disease
  2. Venous disease is progressive in nature and may worsen if left untreated- the most common symptoms of progressive vein disease include: leg swelling, leg pain, “heavy” feeling legs, changes in skin texture or color, and wounds or ulcers that are slow-healing.


At Bay Vein Associates, we are pleased to offer the most advanced diagnosis and treatments available for venous insufficiency.

Using our gentle, minimally invasive outpatient procedure, our patients are treated in the office and go home the same day. Most of our patient feel little or no pain, and return to their normal activities the same day. In addition, our vein treatments are covered by most insurance, including Medicare.

If you have patients who suffer from painful varicose veins, leg swelling, hyperpigmentation, changes in skin texture or leg ulcers please feel free to refer them to our office for consultation. Rest assured that we will treat your patients with the highest level of care, and we will notify you of the results of our exam. After treatment we will return a happier, healthier patient to your office.

Working together, we can provide sufferers of varicose veins and underlying saphenous vein disease patient-friendly and clinically proven solutions. Please feel free to contact us at 844-400-VEIN (8346) if you have any questions, or to discuss a treatment plan for your patients with venous insufficiency or varicose veins.

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